1,000,000 users!

I never believed this can happen when I wrote first version of Eye Dropper back in 2010. I remember that at the time, I recently switched from Firefox to Chrome. I have been working on new web page and wanted to check some color so I can use it in CSS. Realizing I don't have ColorZilla installed yet I headed to extension store and... nothing.

As is typical for me - even now - instead of doing the work I should have, I started to thinking: Would it be possible to do it in Chrome?. I found the docs about Chrome Extensions API, example extension and started to experimenting with the code.

First version took only little time and when I decided to share it, it got some attention pretty fast. I have been thinking that couple people might use it... like maybe hundred or two... 10 months later there were 32 000 users and growing.

I started to work on new web page for Eye Dropper couple weeks ago. I wanted to put the user number at the homepage so I went to check it and was blown away. 900,000... Last time I checked, more than year ago, it was at least tow hundred thousands less. Anyway funny enough, I was looking at the page and thinking, that it doesn't look good enough (I mean typographically), that million would be better. And just as I wanted to deploy new version now, I remembered to check again and voila, here we are :)

Thanks to everybody who is using the extension, it is really rewarding on its own, to do something useful for so many people. And of course, special thanks to those who reported the bugs they found, sent their ideas for new features and of course the donors!

What's next?

There are many features in queue which I really want to work on. I don't have enough time for working on the extension but as I rewrote it in TypeScript last year, it is now fun again.

I'm planning small release pretty soon but no promises, as usual.