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Change Log

Version 0.5.16
    Fix incorrect type definition in background script.Upgrade multiple dependencies.Replaced promoted partner with UseChatGPT.ai.
Version 0.5.15
    Replaced partner link with Toucan
Version 0.5.14
    Added partner link to popup
Version 0.5.13
    Fixed copying colors from popup to clipboard (broken in last update). #219, #220
Version 0.5.12
    Fix error when it wasn't possible to pick color with more windows open in some cases #215Minor cosmetic fix for color boxes in popup
Version 0.5.11
    Color boxes for new and current color in popup now display short hex code and color name if there is an exact match #136, #192.Links to report bug and submit idea/change requests added to Options pageAdded changelog link to About page.Replaced Color Picker library with simple-color-pickerSwitched to Yarn ModernPopup rewriten to TypeScript.Load dependencies from NPM instead of vendor including.Updated all dependencies to latest versions.
Version 0.5.10
    Should now work fine on Dribbble.com #203.Fix wrong link to help pages #180, #197 and #205.Hide the overflow on the X axis of the settings page, preventing an extra scrollbar. Contributed by Salamander0 #198Fix copying colors to clipboard on macOS #156
Version 0.5.8
    Fixes critical #166 - Can't pick colors from web with Eye Dropper.
Version 0.5.7
    Picking colors from local files is now possible if permitted. Fixes #97 and #154.Eye Dropper is now on open collective. Chrome Web Store Payments and Paypal donation button has been removed (fixes #164)."Installed" info page is now displayed directly from new web instead of local extension HTML page.Fixes #115 incorrect format of HSL colors thanks to report from @jakeparis.Fix duplicated Color Picker when clicking on tab multiple times. Fixes #108Updated dev dependencies, fixes #148, #150, #151, #157 and #163.Last dependencies on jQuery were finally removed, Eye Dropper is now jQuery free :)
Version 0.5.6
    On some macOS systems web page picking stopped worked. Fixes #128.
Version 0.5.5
    Welcome page should be opened only on new install. Fixes rare cases, i.e. #128.
Version 0.5.4
    Now working with zoomed pages.Infamous Picking Only Black is finally away (big thanks Hannah Carrol for testing). Fixes #141, #134, #133, #132, #131, #109, #103, #99.Duplicities are no longer picked. Fixes #135.Case sensitivity during visual color selection in Color Picker. Fixes #120.Clarify how to change default shortcut. Fixes #124.Hover effects should be correctly disabled in all cases.Started with rewrite to TypeScript. Already helped to catch couple bugs above.First tiny set of unit tests so we can catch bugs faster.Content script is smaller now and easier to debug.Multiple helpers for debug and building of extensions.
Version 0.5.3
    empty export issue #129
Version 0.5.2
    "all my colors have dissapeared" issue #106
Version 0.5.1

Eye Dropper Plus unlocking new features is now available. You can activate it inside extension on the Plus unlock page.

    More color palettes. You can sort your color history in named palettes now.Palette export now have date and time when color was picked.Palette export now have source type of color pick (webpage, color picker or conversion)Remove redundant history saving and palette switchesBroken recording of color history timestampsOption page behaving wrong after extension update in some minor casesAdd warning for other special chrome pagesUse local copy of Tachyons CSS
Version 0.4.3
    Doubled color picker (see #93 and #95)use local version of tachyon.css instead of CDN
Version 0.4.2
    Add color input field in color picker which was removed mistakenly during popup rewrite (see #90)
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