Pick colors from local file URLs

Extensions are normally not allowed to pick colors from local file:// URL addresses.

If you really need it, you can enable Allow access to file URLs option in Chrome Extensions page.

Because this allows extension to access your local files and thus introducing potentional security problem, this can't be done from extension settings, but must be explicitly allowed through Chrome's settings.

Is it secure?

As Eye Dropper can't access all pages but only current one, it might be.

I would recommend against enabling this (at least permanently) because extension can get broader permissions later getting access toall files on your computer. I'm not planning to require more permissions in Eye Dropper currently, but be carefull anyway.

How to enable this

If you are aware of the risks, lets do it:

  1. Open chrome://extensions page
  2. Find Eye Dropper extension there
  3. Click on Details
  4. Enable Allow access to file URLs

You can of course enable/disable it in same manner any time you need.